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Neve Bros. Inc Grower & Wholesaler

Fresh cut flowers are the key to any bouquet. Living in Marin County means I can source flowers directly from a local grower like Neve Bros. Inc Grower & Wholesaler located just 30 minutes from my house in Petaluma, CA! I took a quick trip to Neve Bros. in order to see their freshly cut blooms of the day.

Leaving with sunflowers, dahlias, and gerber daises, I arranged a fall bouquet of vibrant orange, yellow, and soft pink using the classic english hand-tied method. Usually this method is used for bridal bouquets in the United States but I love how simple it is to arrange flowers by hand using this method!

First, prep all of your flowers by taking off unwanted leaves. Second, cut the stems at a 45 degree angle to your desired length. Third, start arranging the flowers holding them in your non-dominant hand. Fourth, when you have your perfect bouquet, tie it with a piece of wire, a garbage tie, or in this case I used twine since it was on hand! Lastly, place the flowers in your vase.

Want to learn more tips & tricks? Come take a seat at my next Alice's Table floral arranging party!

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